We had another small informal scrimmage today, 10 teams competed (yes, a VERY small scrimmage). It was great practice for the upcoming National competition, with some very tough games. The robots seemed to be working much nicer today than they were last weekend.

A few details...

-After Qualifications, 2915A (Lynfield College) ranked 1st, 2919W (Kristin School) ranked 2nd, and 2921A (Free Range Robotics) ranked 3rd.

-During the competition, 2 teams chose not to continue (2918A during lunch break, and 2919W just before Alliance Selection), taking us down to 8 robots, giving us 4 alliances of 2 robots for the Alliance Selection.

-The finals were between 2915A (Lynfield College) with 2921A (Free Range Robotics), and 7757Z (Pasadena Intermediate) with 2911A (Avondale College). 2915A's alliance won both matches, winning the tournament.

-Highest score of the day to my knowledge was 82 points (in a match).

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Yesterday we had our first competition for 2014 in Auckland. Approximately 15 teams competed at this informal, instead of 20-25 you would see at a "normal" scrimmage.

For those wondering what I'm talking about by an "informal scrimmage", it's basically where everyone is really relaxed, with no strict schedule and where the fields end up being named the "Much Field" and the "Many Field" (instead of "Field 1" and "Field 2"). Wow.

To be honest, I was finding it a little tricky to follow the rankings as there was only one screen that I saw, and it generally had a match schedule displaying, but I happen to know 2941D (Otumoetai College) ranked first after the qualification rounds (as they were the captains of the first seeded alliance).

Free Range Robotics were picked by 2918D (Glenfield College), thanks for picking us!! And we're very sorry about our drivetrain overheating.

The finals were a close battle between the first seeded 2941D+2918A (red) alliance and the 2941A+2915A (blue) alliance. The scores were getting close,

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Today was Big Boys Toys; it was a very fun and exciting day for me, Mathew and Arnie. The 2921B robot competed in a rather informal scrimmage. The competition was won by 2941D and 2918A. Today was a wonderful opportunity to test out our new robot. It was extremely fun participating in the Big Boy Toys scrimmage


Today we attended the Makesplosion event, hosted at the Auckland Central City Library by the Auckland Council. We demonstrated our 2921B robot and VEX Robotics in general to the public, gaining more intest in the VEX programme. Alongside us, we also had Chris Hamling demonstrating the new VEX IQ system.


It was a great event. hopefully it returns for 2014!