Another competition already! Just two weeks after the last scrimmage at Digital NatioNZ we had another one today, at AUT (Auckland University of Technology), who are starting up a new team! We also had a guy from Australia fly over with interest to get VEX going over there too, which is fantastic news.

On with the results...

At the end of the Qualification Rounds, Oats D (2941D, Otumoetai College) topped the table followed by GCEC A (2918A, Glenfield College) in second and Wingus and Dingus (7682) in third.

Oats D picked my team (2921A, Free Range Robotics), GCEC A picked Lynfield A (2915A, Lynfield College), and Wingus and Dingus aligned with Oats A (2941A, Otumoetai College).

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We've just got back from competing at the DigitalNatioNZ expo, what a blast! There were a few issues, namely the fact that we were at a large technology expo so there was a considerable amount of wireless interference (basically, in each match you could guarantee a disconnection, in one match my robot disconnected over 10 times). The competition still moved on swiftly though.

The setup was very informal, we only had one field and we were keeping the public engaged. So we would play a bunch of games, then switch into skills, then back into games, and so on. We got loads of interest from spectators and the media, and we hope this helps to boost the VEX programme in New Zealand!

To sum up the rankings, 2918A topped the board once again, but with the situation of the wireless interference who knows how it could have ended up.

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Today we had a scrimmage held at Whangaparoa College, where 21 teams competed. 2918A and 2915A (who competed under 2915B in the last scrimmage) again aligned and won the event, but only just scraped through semifinals against 2921A (again, last time entered as 2921B), who this time aligned with 2900A. In one match they only won by 1 point, and it was very nearly a loss (a second more and it would have been different).

High score of the day in a match was 80.

Thanks to all the volunteers and to Whangaparoa College for hosting the event, and congrats to 2918A and 2915A!! And a big thanks to 2900A for the awesome alliance!


Yesterday, 27 teams competed. It was great to see everyone, and some new faces too!

2918A (GCEC, Glenfield College) and 2915B (Lynfield College) won the event, but had some tough challenge in the semifinals when they were against 2921B (Free Range Robotics, Homeschool) and 2915A (Lynfield College). the 2918A and 2915B alliance won the first match, but 2921B and 2915A pushed it to a tiebreaker. 2918A and 2915B moved onto the finals where they faced 2941B (Otumoetai College) and 2941D (Otumoetai College). They won the first match and then 2915B had a little disaster when smoke started to appear from their robot... there was no third match but 2918A and 2915B were announced the champions.

Congratulations to 2918A (GCEC, Glenfield College) and 2915B (Lynfield College)!!!

The highest score of the day in a match was 61.

Thanks to Onehunga High School for hosting the event, and to all the volunteers for running it so smoothly!

Over the past few days here in Auckland, the New Zealand Nationals were held for the Sack Attack season. It was a very tough tournament, and we are very pleased with our results. 2921A (our first robot, controlled by Ethan) finished in the Quarterfinals (aligned with 2921C (our third robot, controlled by Aarone and Fletcher) ), and 2921B (our second robot, controlled by me, George) finished 2nd in the finals! 2921B also won the Design Award and 2921A got the Build Award. All three robots performed well and made it into the Elimination Rounds.

The champions of the competition were 2941A (Otumoetai College) aligned with 2915A (Lynfield College) and 2941D (Otumoetai College). The High School Excellence Award went to 2918 (Glenfield College) and the Middle School Excellence Award to 7682 (Wingus and Dingus).

Our team will be travelling to Anaheim, CA this year to compete in the World Championships, and we wish all fellow kiwi teams coming with us good luck!