Today Auckland held it's second scrimmage for the Sack Attack season. Thank you to Glenfield College for hosting, it was a nice event which ran very smoothly.

The finals were played by an alliance of 2915A (Jack Attack, Lynfield College), with 2941A (Oatumoetai College Robotics) against 2919A (Kristin School) with 2921 (Free Range Robotics). Every robot in the finals had an autonomous of some sort, some very impressive.

The finals were won by the Lynfield and Oatumoetai alliance, congratulations to them on playing incredibly well. In the second match of the finals, they scored 295 points.

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Yesterday I publically released my new programming guide titled An Introduction and Tutorial on PID Controllers. It already has had over 100 downloads.

PID controllers are used in over 95% of industrial processes. They control the movements of arms, wheels and other mechanisms with incredible accuracy and efficiency.

The guide can be downloaded here, and there is a discussion about the guide on the VEX Forums, with a link to the discussion here.

Today Auckland hosted it's first scrimmage of the VEX Sack Attack season. It was great to see all the robots from other schools competing, although we sadly didn't have our robots built and ready. 

Well done to all the teams who competed, it was a great event and we look forward to the next scrimmage when we will hopefully have robots with us!

Congratulations to teams 2915A (Lynfield College) and 2941A (Oatumoetai College) who won the finals against teams 2915R (Lynfield College) and 2915c (Lynfield College).
What a fantastic first day for all the kiwis at the World Champs. You can be sure the world is watching New Zealand teams! As for our own, Terrific Terrydacty, what an incredible day she has had. We are so proud of her, 3 wins, no losses, top of the Engineering division and even able to fix her own intake problems! You go girl and show them what your made of! The autonomous seems to be working well, the robot reliable and the drver dedicated. What a combination. 

As for the other kiwis, Jack (Lynfield College, 2915A) is leading the Math division, unbeaten  and is ranked 7th in the Driver Skills challenge. Max (aMax, 720P) is 4th in the Science division, also unbeaten. Oatumoetai, Onehunga, Pinehurst and Kristin have had a mixed start but we wish them all the very best in the next two days.

Information on the live streams:

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Woohoo exciting news, Ive just gone past my first 1000 downloads of my Beginners Guide to ROBOTC. I hope people are finding it useful and I am currently working on the Intermediate Guide to ROBOTC... Watch this space!

Of course if anybody has any feedback for me either on the Beginners or the Intermediate Guide, please let me know here