We had another small informal scrimmage today, 10 teams competed (yes, a VERY small scrimmage). It was great practice for the upcoming National competition, with some very tough games. The robots seemed to be working much nicer today than they were last weekend.

A few details...

-After Qualifications, 2915A (Lynfield College) ranked 1st, 2919W (Kristin School) ranked 2nd, and 2921A (Free Range Robotics) ranked 3rd.

-During the competition, 2 teams chose not to continue (2918A during lunch break, and 2919W just before Alliance Selection), taking us down to 8 robots, giving us 4 alliances of 2 robots for the Alliance Selection.

-The finals were between 2915A (Lynfield College) with 2921A (Free Range Robotics), and 7757Z (Pasadena Intermediate) with 2911A (Avondale College). 2915A's alliance won both matches, winning the tournament.

-Highest score of the day to my knowledge was 82 points (in a match).

This scrimmage was also a test for some new technology in New Zealand, some of the university volunteers have worked together to create an app that allows field control from the field (I.E. for a commentator to press a button on their phone to start the game), and for the scorers to enter the scores to their phone/tablet which then sends them directly to the Tournament Manager software. It looks really cool, I hope I haven't messed up my description of it (as I was only observing and not using the app).

Thanks to Glenfield College for hosting the competition today, and to all the university volunteers! See you all next weekend (15 Feb) at Massey University!