Today was the first day of the robotics championships - registrations, set up and practice, and of course scouting. We set up our pit with the NZ flag and our team banner and it looks very good! We had the robot inspected and our programming checked and all was ok.
The drive team of Max, Ethan and Kane spent time practicing on the elevated platforms (quite a different feel from the floor level we had for our competitions in NZ), and had a practice competing round on the competition fields.
Isaac and I went scouting, met some other teams and found out about their robots. It's important to know the other teams that you might play against or be in an alliance with.. Got some cool as stuff from some of the teams! Like flags, bracelets, badges, lollipops, all sorts really!
We bought some more robot parts today, as we had to repair a few things. Most of the stuff that happened today was a bit of a big blur of people (Everywhere!) Pits, badges, and everything! Everyone was exhausted by about 4, but the day goes until 7pm. So after the day had finished, and it was really humid outside, we just dragged back to the hotel.
There are a lot of teams here, but there a few teams missing, due to the flu alert.
Tomorrow is the day our competition matches start so we will keep in touch and let you know how we do. If you want to follow my text blog on our website I'll be posting live updates throughout the day.
You can watch games televised through NASA TV, the link is on the VEX website at .
Thanks for helping get us here. We are working very hard to make the most of this opportunity at the VEX World Finals.