Hello Everyone!

I'm Rhiannon Waller, and I will be keeping you up to date while the team is in America with the aim of bringing home the VEX World Champion trophy! The team who are in Dallas are: Patrick - team captain and pit manager; Max - driver coach; Kane and Ethan - robot drivers; Michael - programmer; pit crew is - (and other tasks) Richard (programmer, scout), Isaac (scout, photographer) and me, Rhiannon (scout, communications). We are supported by adult leaders and mentors, who help keep us on task.
Over the last few weeks in the build up to the competition Michael and Richard have been working amazingly hard on the programming, and have even learnt a few things along the way! Craig and Mark have been working very hard organizing fundraising opportunities! Terry, John and Patrick have been sizzling their heads to the bone with all this organizing that has to be done! Max, Ethan and Kane have been practicing driving everyday for past few weeks, and Isaac and I have been doing all the other preparation jobs so that we have everything ready.

Before flying out, the four schools who are sending teams from New Zealand had a get together BBQ, it was good to feel a sense of us all representing our country as well as our individual teams.
We have a great team Banner, with all our sponsors logos and a photo of the whole team, so they can be there with us, in a fashion.
Dallas is 17 hours behind NZ. Our days start at 6:00 am and finish by 10pm, and we are at the convention centre about 11 hours each day.