Our team strives to spread VEX Robotics throughout our local community, and assist other VEX teams.


Things we do for the public:


  • Attending public events, demonstrating our robots and VEX Robotics
  • Updates through our local newsletter on our team, hoping to inspire other high school students
  • Monthly fundraisers, where we hand out Kiwibots flyers, display our banners, and tallk to the public about VEX and how they can get involved


Things we do for other VEX teams:


  • Helpful tips on our website
  • Programming guides on our website
  • Assist as needed at scrimmages, especially with new teams
  • Mentor and assist teams from around the world through the VEX Forums, Skype, and email
  • Travel across New Zealand to help boost the VEX programme in other regions
  • Help the Kiwibots wherever possible at competitions


See below for the public events we have attended to spread the word!

We sent two team members to this event, to help run the Kiwibots VEX Laser Tag robots and the new VEX IQ demonstration table. It was a lot of fun and after volunteering for half a day, we were free to roam around the Armageddon Expo for the remainder of the day!