This programming guide covers an advanced programming controller - the PID controller.

PID controllers are used in over 95% of industrial processes, and there is a very good reason why that number is so high. They provide incredibly accurate and precise results, so you can get a better and more reliable autonomous.

The guide can be downloaded here.

A few months ago I started on a guide for programming VEX robots with RobotC, partly to help me refresh my memory over time, and also to help teach people new to RobotC. Originally this was going to cover the whole of RobotC, but I realised later that it would be way too long! So instead I have started a series of guides for RobotC.

The first one, The Beginners Guide to RobotC is now at a publishable state and so I have uploaded it to the website.

You can find the guide here.

This article covers line following from the basics to the very advanced.

Note: The code in this article is not tested so there may be some errors.


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