We've just got back from competing at the DigitalNatioNZ expo, what a blast! There were a few issues, namely the fact that we were at a large technology expo so there was a considerable amount of wireless interference (basically, in each match you could guarantee a disconnection, in one match my robot disconnected over 10 times). The competition still moved on swiftly though.

The setup was very informal, we only had one field and we were keeping the public engaged. So we would play a bunch of games, then switch into skills, then back into games, and so on. We got loads of interest from spectators and the media, and we hope this helps to boost the VEX programme in New Zealand!

To sum up the rankings, 2918A topped the board once again, but with the situation of the wireless interference who knows how it could have ended up.

The alliances were chosen for us, my team was very lucky to be placed with 2918A and we proceeded through the elimination rounds with ease, and we even won! Free Range Robotics was absolutely over the moon to finally win a Toss Up competition. Thanks 2918A for the alliance!

As for skills, my team (2921A, Free Range Robotics) ranked first with a score of 54 points, putting us in 20th spot on the World Robot Skills Rankings.

2918A was awarded 2 free tickets to any (well, nearly any) show at Vector Arena within the next 12 months for ranking 1st after qualifications, and 2921A was awarded 2 free tickets for ranking 1st in the skills challenges. Thanks guys for the tickets!!

Next up is a scrimmage at AUT in Auckland City on the 12th of October.