Yesterday, 27 teams competed. It was great to see everyone, and some new faces too!

2918A (GCEC, Glenfield College) and 2915B (Lynfield College) won the event, but had some tough challenge in the semifinals when they were against 2921B (Free Range Robotics, Homeschool) and 2915A (Lynfield College). the 2918A and 2915B alliance won the first match, but 2921B and 2915A pushed it to a tiebreaker. 2918A and 2915B moved onto the finals where they faced 2941B (Otumoetai College) and 2941D (Otumoetai College). They won the first match and then 2915B had a little disaster when smoke started to appear from their robot... there was no third match but 2918A and 2915B were announced the champions.

Congratulations to 2918A (GCEC, Glenfield College) and 2915B (Lynfield College)!!!

The highest score of the day in a match was 61.

Thanks to Onehunga High School for hosting the event, and to all the volunteers for running it so smoothly!