Free Range Robotics had their last Scrimmage on February 26th 2011, before the National Competition on the 4th, 5th and 6th of March.. Our A team, (Ethan, Richard and Max) were up against our B team, (Terry, George and Rhiannon) in the finals. Free Range A was aligned with Avondale College and Free Range B were aligned with Lynfield College. After our first finals match the B team didn’t work for autonomous or driver mode. We lost that first finals match by quite a bit, Free Range A and Avondale College took out the first one. The second finals match was excruciatingly close, but whichever alliance won that match were crowned the champions for the scrimmage. Free Range B and Lynfield College won that last match meaning Free Range Robotics got the trophy back again Smile

Lets bring home the big one from Nationals!

Also a massive round of applause for our C robot, (Melissa, Aarone and Ben) for their hard work for getting a robot together in just a few days, good job guys!Laughing