Hey everyone,

After 28 hours of travel, having bags and robots inspected by wary security officers and stripping off at metal detectors, flying from Auckland, to Los Angeles, to Austin, and at last arriving at Orlando airport, we finally made it, all exhausted and completely not in our time zone. We've had a bit of excitement so far, we got lost on the highway (not our fault), got greeted by a charming snake on our doorstep at the hotel, almost ran over a frog on the driveway, watched jumping/climbing /wriggling lizards, saw two squirrels playing in the trees outside our rooms. We all slept in until early afternoon so we're feeling much better now. We went for a big grocery shop this afternoon and our stomachs are much obliged. The mosquitoes have had a good feed too! Millions of them around here. Tomorrow is prep at the "Worlds" so tonight we are going to get an early night.

From Isaac Harrold and those of the Free Range team in Florida.

Live webcasts: Family and friends can visit www.RobotEvents.com/championship for webcasts from all 7 fields, rankings, schedules and all event information.

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